12 Conversations

From October 2014- September 2015, Fallow Lab will convene 12 monthly conversations intended to increase familiarity with the Shmita concept, to adapt it to digital life, and to promote sustainable action towards better balance between virtual and actual.

Each of the monthly conversations will be based on a selection of classical Jewish texts and contemporary visual media and writings about technology and digital life.

One of the contemporary texts that will serve as the grid for the year is Douglas Rushkoff’s book ‘Program or Be Progammed’, exploring ten new ways to be more aware and diligent in our digital living.

Other texts include the brand new translation of Rabbi A. Y, Kook’s classic text on Shmita – ‘Introduction to Shabbat Ha’aretz’ – just published by Hazon.

The additional sources per each month’s conversations will be co-created and curated with the help of readers who are invited to submit suggestions, links and inspirations, throughout the year.

12 conversations in 12 months.

You got 7 ways to join the conversations.

The live NYC sessions will be 3 hours long, the webinars will be 1 hour each, the podcasts will be about 20 min. long, and the print it yourself conversation starters will enable you to lead your own conversations on these topics for as long as you like.

You can join our conversation in person or online, or use our materials to create your own conversation with others.

Here’s how:

READ the DIY Conversation Starter Kit – online.
PRINT the kit and start your own conversation
LISTEN to Amichai’s 20 min. podcast reflecting on the sources in the DIY kit
ATTEND Amichai’s monthly webinar or NYC study salon
WATCH: a monthly vid. clip curated by Tiffany Shlain
DO something actual about digital wellbeing
POST your own suggestions, tips and responses



1. Reset
Oct. 2014/Heshvan 5775


2. Time
Nov. 2014/Kislev 5775


3. Place
Dec. 2014/Tevet 5775


4. Choice
Jan. 2015/Shavt 5775


5. Complexity
Feb. 2015/Adar 5775


6. Scale
Mar. 2015/Nisan 5775


7. Identity
Apr. 2015/Iyar 5775


8. Social
May. 2015/Sivan 5775


9. Fact
June 2015/Tamuz 5775


10. Openness
July 2015/Av 5775


11. Purpose
Aug. 2015/Elul 5775


12. Restored?
Sept. 2015/Tishrei 5776

The Innovation Of Loneliness

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