1. Reset – October 2014/Heshvan 5775



I am. But before take off on this year-long exploration of resetting, restarting and restoring my online and offline life – I want to map out the journey ahead and be clear about what I’m doing, why I’m taking this on,how it’s going to happen – and who’s coming along for the ride.

So this first monthly conversation orients the travelers, examines the travel gear, sets the frame for the year’s worth of exploring, restarts a new year and reclaims an ancient agricultural system as a modern tool for techno-human improvement.

You can join this conversation in one or more of seven ways:

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Digital Detox, Anyone?

“Shmita is a rehearsal of a new way, a time to practice living in a world of “enoughness,” where each of us is filled and flourishes with enough, where disproportionate inequities would not, and could not, exist. And when Shmita is over, and we re-enter the other six years, we take a bit of what we learned with us and put it into practice in our everyday lives.”
Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin, The Narrative of Shmita

A society that looked at the Internet as a path toward highly articulated connections and new methods of creating meaning is instead finding itself disconnected, denied deep thinking, and drained of enduring values.

It doesn’t have to turn out this way. And it won’t if we simply learn the biases of the technologies we are using and become conscious participants in the ways they are deployed.”
Douglas Rushkoff, Program or be Programmed

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