10. Purpose – Aug 2015/Av 5775



On August 9 2015, Amichai and Lab/Shul join the Shmita ArtFest on Governor’s Island for a day of art, food, learning and community celebration.

Join Amichai for the final study session of the FallowLab series, picnic style, from 4:15-5pm to start wrapping up the year of fallow living and focusing on PURPOSE – what are we taking from this year of reflection towards better balance between our actual and virtual lives and between our own needs and those of our communities.

See full schedule here: Shmita ArtFest

Many creative projects and conversations emerged this year with varying degrees of success at wrestling with Shmita and offering ambitious renditions and new traditions. What sticks for future? Did we live up to the values of Shmita, did this year live up to expectations?

– Amichai Lau-Lavie

“Flourishing is the realization of a sense of completeness, independent of our immediate material context.  Flourishing is not some permanent state but must be continually generated.  The world is always moving forward, and those domains of our lives that have been momentarily satisfied will require attention again and again.”

– John Ehrenfeld

For us today, the Shmita Cycle can take shape as a story of transition, from the isolated self towards holistic community; from perceived scarcity towards revealed abundance. It is a story so old and ancient that we have forgotten just how much we need it today, now, for our own survival, for our own evolution and growth.

– Yigal Deutscher, Envisioning Sabbatical Culture

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