6. Scale – March 2015/ Nisan 5775

Holy Beyond Borders

Is there one scale to weigh and compare all homelands and all holy places? Or is everywhere on earth equally sacred?

Join Lab/Shul’s Amichai Lau-Lavie and special guest Nigel Savage of Hazon for the Sixth Monthly FallowLab Study Salon, featuring a Mid- Shmita Year conversation about the surprising role of Shmita in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict and what holy beyond borders may look like.

“…What we learn from Shmita is that open fences make good neighbors, and that resting means living in peace, with brothers and sisters, cousins and strangers, humans and animals, and with the holy land. And those who cannot recognize this will never taste what it means to call the land holy.”

Rabbi David Seidenberg

“The uniqueness of the Land of Israel is…’geo-theological’ and not merely climatic. This is the land which faces the entrance of the spiritual world, that sphere of existence that lies beyond the physical world known to us through our senses. This is the key to the land’s unique status with regard to prophecy and prayer, and also with regard to the commandments”

Prof. Eliezer Schweid

“Many cities which were conquered by the Israelites who came up from Egypt were not re-conquered by those who came up from Babylon… They therefore did not annex these cities in order that the poor might have sustenance there from in the Seventh Year.”

Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Hulin (7a)

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