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    • shana
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    • June 9, 2015

    great opportunity to sit in a circle and experience authentic, slowed down conversation and dialogue..... with Israeli NVC trainer Miki Kashtan, June 14th, 10a-3pm Pay What You Can Workshop. bring your bag lunch for lunch dialogue with Miki. She's one of the best social change, communication trainers i the world, in my humble, but highly experienced opinion! Love, Truth and Courage: Laying the Path to Tikkun Olam with Miki Kashtan June 14 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm Many of us working for tikkun olam, the healing of the world, carry a deep longing for a livable future that works for all. At the same time, the means that could take us from where we are to the world we want to see are harder to imagine. How do we ensure that both the systems that we create and our way forward transcend the deepest legacies of separation, scarcity and powerlessness? This workshop provides tools and principles for grounding our collective efforts in nonviolence – the practice of love, truth and courage. With transformative nonviolence, we can create the world we imagine and not keep recreating the past. As we work with and begin to change the ways that violence, power, and control play out in our lives — from how we raise our children to how we organize social movements — we regain inner freedom, integrity, and courage. This nourishes and clarifies the call to Tikkun Olam, or repair of the world. Miki works with issues that emerge from participant experiences and weaves a highly interactive and experiential workshop. Some of the topics likely to arise are: Dialogue and interpersonal practices for change agents Embracing collaborative leadership: how anyone can hold the whole Organizational literacy: creating organizational structures that encourage collaboration Power and love: moving beyond either/or views of use of power The power of aiming for solutions that work for everyone, including our former “enemies” Moving from authority-based to collaborative societies Working within hierarchies and collaborating across power differences.

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