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detoxReady to walk the talk and get started?

*Create your own inventory to begin this year-long journey:
What are three digital application and/or programs that you could use help better balancing?
What are three you could release/delete? (and what would help you do so)

* Read this article for inspiration: Reboot or Die Trying. Seriously. It’s amazing.

* Find a study/action partner for the year – always works better.

*Sign up for the year of Fallow Lab conversations

*Post your own ideas for DOING to get started




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    • fallowadmin
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    • September 8, 2014

    1. Establishing a black out hour for facebook would help so much with productivity. Perhaps after checking morning messages, closing facebook until the afternoon/evening. 2. Twitter. I don't really get it, it just seems like a waste of time. Trying to compose a rational thought in 140 characters or less seems futile, so perhaps let this one go? 3. Online news. Its so negative, and easy to fall in a black hole of depression after reading the news. Perhaps only skimming the headlines for 15 minutes, then closing the website could help create a better feeling throughout the day?

    • Amichai Lau-Lavie
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    • October 24, 2014

    Hey Fallow Labbers! So the first salon took place and some great ideas generated already. My favorite: FALLOW POCKETS - take a chunk of time each day to leave the digital off, take a walk, a nap, a pocket of YOU TIME. And - take the time this month for one of the tools mentioned above - inventory of what needs work, find a buddy,etc. Your comments, suggestions, ideas - very much welcome here. We'll figure out how to make this forum even more user friendly. Shabbat Shalom

    • shana
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    • November 7, 2014

    Here's another support to our Fallowhood: "Why We Need a Secular Sabbath" By TED Talks @TEDTalks. As technology accelerates our lives, many of us feel an urgent need to slow down. One seductive solution: A secular sabbath. Pico Iyer makes the case, in this meditative excerpt from his new TED Book, The Art of Stillness: Adventures in Going Nowhere. ) One person tweeted in response: @TEDTalks Honestly I think a sabbatical is appropriate as well. --- Yes!

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