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Rabbi Kook’s Introduction to Shabbat Ha’aretz – new translation

Hazon’s Shmita Project:

Hazon’s Shmita Source Book:

Hazon’s Shmita Resource Library:

7 Seeds Project

Sova Blog

Hebrew College/Sova Library of Shmita related publications

Israeli Shmita page (Hebrew)
Israel Gives: The Israeli Shmita Initiative (English):

Shmita Rosh Ha’shana Seder 5775

Observing shmita sensibly, Rabbi Benny Lau

Rabbis Ebn Leader and Margie Klein – The Land Shall Rest: Exploring Shmita in the Diaspora

Digital Shmita: Learn more


Douglas Rushkoff, Program or be Programmed

Douglas Rushkoff, Present Shock

Sherry Turkle, Alone Together: Why We Expect More from Technology and Less from Each Other

Nicholas Carr, The Shallows

Eric Davis, TechGnosis

CNN: how to unplug

BBC: Time for a digital detox

Randy Zuckerberg: DOT Complicated

Reboot: The National Day of Unplugging

Reboot or die trying

Esther Perel writes on online porn and relationships

New York Magazine on the use of smartphones
As Chief Justice Roberts recently wrote, cell phones are “such a pervasive and insistent part of daily life that the proverbial visitor from Mars might conclude they were an important feature of human anatomy.” But what do people really use their phones for? We asked a bunch of New Yorkers around town.

Rachel Abrams – Selfware for the Rest of Us


The Guardian: Seven Deadly Digital Sins

TED Talk: Sherry Turkle, Connected, but Alone?

Tiffany Shlain’s 5min film “Technology Shabbat” from Emmy-nominated Series The Future Starts Here

Digital Detox: Summer Camp for Adults

Vooza: Digital Detox

TED Talk: Abha Dawesar: Life in the “digital now”

Tiffany Shlain & Ken Goldberg’s “Yelp: With Apologies to Allen Ginsberg’s Howl”

A teenage pastor talks about taking a break from social media in order to connect with God

A youtube personality talks about doing a week of digital detox. She is quite engaging and talks about spiritual growth/connection to God.

A cute “how to detox” video

A tv clip from “The Doctors” where a family had to go on a 48 hour detox and what happened to them

Not quite on topic – but a very clever look at “Could your brain be hacked?”

“Camp Grounded” where adults go to detox!


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The Innovation Of Loneliness

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